A huge variety of staircases

Technology serving true craftsmanship

Expecting great know-how from its employees, it is only natural that ERS be just as demanding from its suppliers and their products. ERS makes sure that expertise, materials and know-how all combine to deliver top quality staircases that live up to the architect's specifications or any demanding entrepreneur's standards.

Constantly on the lookout for more efficient production methods, ERS’s management team promptly equipped the manufacturing plant with the finest equipment in order to offer its customers superior quality products at competitive prices.

Escaliers Rive-Sud can build up to 50  staircases a week, is able to store its production in a climate-controlled warehouse, and constantly renews its stock. ERS is always ready to respond, ensuring that your project is in good hands.

Sophisticated or classic

Over the years, Michel Grondin’s enterprise acquired a strong reputation for special projects. ERS is one of a handful of businesses that can execute spiral stairways. Its strength lies in its woodworking team, professionals that master curves, decorative woodworking and other technically demanding aspects. To them, curved or open staircases are challenges that make their workday more interesting. Working on their own or in collaboration with architects and designers, they pride themselves in creating the most beautiful objects.

The people of Escaliers Rive-Sud are also expert in more traditional orders. Its team of installer-carpenters are uncommonly efficient when it comes to installing standard stairways. They are renowned for working quickly while delivering high quality finished work.

Wood types and colours: make room for diversity

From the very chic appearance of walnut to the very popular cherry wood, including oak, maple, ash, pine or the exotic jatoba or brazilian cherry, ERS offers a comprehensive array of first grade wood types.

Harmonizing colours with ColorMatch is another strong point in ERS services. An in-house team of specialized painters creates custom mixes for the firm, allowing for an infinite variety of colours and tints. Enough to let your imagination run wild!

Solid wood or veneer, premium or inexpensive wood type, run-of-the-mill or highly sophisticated project, zen-like or heavily decorated: ERS prices remain fair across the entire gamut.

ERS exhibits its passion for superb woodworking in a beautiful showroom, where you will be able to admire eight of its most accomplished pieces