From yesterday’s small workshop to today’s thriving SME


Michel Grondin’s 900 square-foot workshop becomes les Escaliers Rive-Sud inc.


ERS expands its facilities, adding a fair-sized paint room to varnish completed staircases. A professional painter joins the ERS team, bringing greater efficiency and improving quality.


ERS hires a deliveryman and a manager for the stockroom that houses finished stairways. There are now about fifteen people on the payroll.


Marcel Genest joins the management team as a Vice President Sales Director. His great experience and extensive knowledge of stairs building make him a great leader for the ERS sales team.


Escaliers Rive-Sud expands its product line with the addition of several brands of flooring. This allows ERS to meet most of its customers and contractors needs. ERS offers different grades of hardwood flooring and a line of floating floors.


ERS launches its own brand of flooring: "ERS Exclusive".


The company builds a climate-controlled warehouse using clean geothermal energy from the ground to regulate the heat and cold of changing seasons. ERS also buys more equipment to manufacture components and increase its efficiency, all the while reducing costs and production time without any compromise on quality. At this point, a new generation enters the scene: sons David and Olivier Grondin join the family business. One joins the Sales team and the other joins the ERS team as a woodworker.


The business acquires new equipment and hires more personnel, selling and installing stairs from Saint-Hyacinthe to Valleyfield, from Sherbrooke to Montreal. The SME employs over 35 people: woodworkers, designers, installers, estimators, all of them sharing a passion for stairs building.