Escaliers Rive-Sud is well renowned for special projects.

Before tackling your next classic or contemporary staircase project, have a look at our creations first! Since the bulk of our work consists in custom-built structures, we can only show you but a small sampling of our achievements. You should have a look at them, find your inspiration and let your creativity run free. Later, you could tour our showroom at leisure and round out your awareness of our services, sampling a wide variety of materials and experiencing first hand the quality of our staircases, flooring and framing.

Whatever noble material you plan to use, be it hardwood, glass or metal, Escaliers Rive-Sud can breathe life into all your projects. For instance, you can already choose from a variety of metal structures, but we will be manufacturing a much wider offering starting this Fall 2016.From initial concept to actual construction, ERS puts all its knowledge and craftsmanship behind your every project.Expecting great know-how from its employees, ERS is naturally just as demanding from its suppliers and their products. ERS makes sure that expertise, materials and know-how all combine to deliver top quality staircases that live up to the architect's specifications or any demanding entrepreneur's standards.