The Sweet Memories Collection


A floor with character. Our exclusive staining and brushing processes create floors with all the charms of yesteryear. Variations, knots, cracks, and other natural characteristics give this collection an authentic appearance.

Discover all the wood species

Yellow Birch Gelato Character
Maple Gelato Character
Yellow Birch Peppermint Character
Maple Peppermint Character
Handcrafted Red Oak Carousel
Handcrafted White Oak R&Q Carousel
Handcrafted White Oak R&Q Treasure
Handcrafted Red Oak Treasure
Handcrafted Red Oak Château
Handcrafted White Oak R&Q Château
Handcrafted Red Oak Hopscotch
Handcrafted White Oak R&Q Hopscotch
Aged Maple Nougat
Aged Birch Nougat
Handcrafted White Oak R&Q Tree House
Handcrafted Red Oak Tree House
Aged Birch Praline
Aged Maple Praline
Aged Birch Gingerbread
Aged Maple Gingerbread
Aged Maple Black Jelly Bean
Aged Birch Black Jelly Bean