The Herringbone Collection


Different shapes that create unusual patterns. Equal lengths to make symmetry come to life.

Discover all the wood species

Red Oak Cape Cod
Maple Cape Cod
Red Oak Nordic
Maple Nordic
Maple Rio
Red Oak Rio
Red Oak Exclusive
Maple Exclusive
Red Oak Golden
Red Oak Nevada
Maple Nevada
Hickory Greystone
Maple Greystone
Maple Sierra
Red Oak Sierra
Maple Auburn
Red Oak Auburn
Maple Platinum
Maple Savanna
Hickory Savanna
Red Oak Savanna
Walnut Savanna
Maple Charcoal
Red Oak Charcoal
Walnut Charcoal
Red Oak Umbria
Maple Umbria
Red Oak Rich Oak
Red Oak Havana
Maple Havana
Maple Coffee
Red Oak Coffee
Red Oak Vienna
Maple Vienna
Red Oak Java
Maple Graphite
Red Oak Graphite