About Michel Grondin, President

The days when Michel Grondin made, sold and installed all staircases by himself seem very distant today.

Michel Grondin

From 1978 to 1988, his art served to create furniture. Pine, oak, ash… he worked all types of wood with an equal pleasure. "Maple is very tough, cherry wood ages beautifully, pine is a soft wood that smells good, and jatoba is a very hard exotic wood that oxidizes with time, giving it an even richer colour. Every wood has its own characteristics, its unique charm".

In 1988, when melamine furniture dominates, Michel Grondin cannot bring himself to abandon woodworking. This is when he started building staircases, fascinated by the variety of lengths and heights offered by this three-dimensional universe. Escaliers Rive-Sud is born.

Twenty-five years later, ERS is now a thriving business, renowned for superior workmanship. In the process, the firm itself has become a new passion for its founder.

In spite of its rapid growth, ERS never lost its soul. Love of wood as a medium - its beauty and quality - as well as a taste for exceptional finishes, as well as customer satisfaction, all of these things still guide the firm’s craftsmen, day in and day out. Always minding about quality work that meets the expectations and fulfills the wishes of its customers, ERS surrounds itself with accomplished professionals and cherry-picks its suppliers. For generic staircases or upscale projects, ERS will only use top quality wood and lacquers. Escaliers Rive-Sud believes that every staircase should be manufactured to exacting standards, with superior workmanship.

"In the past, wood was my only fascination. With time, I also came to appreciate business leadership. This business I started alone will one day prosper without me, and it’s a strong motivation".